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I’ve decided to separate my crochet and Zentangle content. From now on, I will post only my entries about crochet here. I have have started a new blog Copper Country Tangles for my Zentangle-related posts. Please join me there (and become a follower) if you are interested in tangling.

This week, the Diva’s challenge is to use Zentangle’s newest tangle, Punzel, that we learned at the CZT seminar. Luckily, I’ve been practicing it since then (and, for me, it required a lot of practice), so I was able to have it work out, for the most part. I enjoyed mixing it up with the tangle Pendrils and connecting the two.

I appreciate the weekly challenges and looking at everyone’s variations. They are all so creative. Check out the Diva’s blog if you haven’t already.

I made a board following the directions on the Zentangle Blog. I found an old frame in a thrift store, spray painted it black, covered a form board with some muslin, tangled around the side, and voila, a lovely place to display Zentangles. I was hesitant at first to start drawing on the muslin, but looked at Maria’s example on the blog, and practiced some, then jumped in. I’m happy with how it turned out.


I return to participating in I am the diva’s weekly Zentangle challenge, after an absence of 3 weeks, for reasons I will detail below. This week’s wonderful challenge is to use a tangle as a string, and then fill in with other tangles. It took me a little time to select my “string” tangle. I have a head cold, and tried to work on it before bed and couldn’t decide on anything. So I  slept for a while, got up around midnight, and worked on it until 1 am.  It flowed better then. So I chose to use Hollibaugh as the string, and then happily filled it with Ambler, Onamato, Shattuck, Avreal, Rain, Bales, and Snail. Shading it was fun (and easy) to make it look dimension. Thank you, Laura, for your challenges every week!

So one of the reasons that I have missed several weeks of the diva’s challenges is that my sister and I went to Providence, RI to participate in the Certified Zentangle Teacher seminar #7. So now I am a CZT! Yea! The seminar was wonderful. Rick and Maria set a very welcoming, warm, and supportive tone right from the start that brings out the best in everyone. It was very inspiring to see all the other participants’ Zentangle-inspired art (ZIA). I believe that all who were there at the seminar came away with feelings of gratitude, confidence, and a desire to share the experience of Zentangle with others. I know I did!

Here are some pictures from the CZT Seminar.

The welcome sign, beautifully tangled.


Mosaic of tiles from all the participants, done during Rick and Maria's class instruction.

Below are some examples of the many beautiful ZIA’s that participants brought to share. Please let me know if you want me to identify you as the artist. I will add your name to the picture caption. (Or if you would like me to remove the picture.)

Sharon Payne's Boots!

It's official. Our certficates!

I am the diva website challenge this week is to use only two tangles on the tile: Jonqal and Opus. The tangling process for me tonight was very calming and focusing and helped me to feel less stressed. Perhaps some of the internal chaos I was feeling came out in this Zentangle…. Thanks to the diva for her weekly challenge.

Here’s my entry for the Letraset Colouring Challenge #3. The image is downloaded from Patterns for Colouring, and then colored with Promarker Permanent markers. There is still time to enter the challenge. It closes on September 21. Main Prize (winner picked at random) X1 : 1x 12 ProMarker Blending Set (of the winner’s choice). Runners-up prize x 2 (awarded to our two favourite entries): 1x ProMarker 5 Set

I am the diva’s challenge this week has a “love” theme. I chose to use heart shaped strings to tangle within. Then I thought it needed a little extra, so I colored it a pretty pink with my Promarker. I used the tangles of  Pais, Intersection, Nipa and a variation of Yincut. Thanks to Laura for posting a challenge each week that keeps me inspired.


This week’s challenge from I am the diva blog is to do a “monotangle” (use only one tangle) with Paradox, one of the tangles from the Zentangle creators, Rick and Maria (see this site for the original directions). Also, CZT, Margaret Bremner has posted a very helpful tutorial on using Paradox in many different ways. Thank you to both the diva, Laura, and Margaret for encouragement to use this great tangle.

Paradox is a tangle I enjoy doing. It was a little challenging at first, but once you get the idea, it flows, at least it does for me. I enjoy the simplicity of all those straight lines. Yet, it ends up having a very flowing, curvy look. Such is the paradox!

This week’s I am the diva challenge is to use all grid based tangles in the Zentangle. I enjoy working with grids, as I need all the structure I can get! 😉 This is the best ‘Nzepple I have ever done. Overall, the tile is a bit stagnant; maybe I’ll try another one later in the week. Other tangles used: florz, and a variation of crescent moon. Thanks to the diva for another great challenge.

Visit Stacy’s site to enter for a chance to win her birthday giveaway! Looks like some fun stuff. Thanks Stacy!

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